Visit the islands of the Wadden Sea - Fanø, Langli and Mandø


Strand på Fanø






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Like pearls on a string

In the Wadden Sea just before Esbjerg lie the islands of Langli, Fanø and Mandø like beautiful pearls on a string.

Very different from each other - but worth a visit all of them. You will feel like you are in a another world when you visit these islands. The bright sky and the dynamics of the scenery surround you in no time. Infinity and the fresh air make you feel high.











12 minutes with the ferry from Esbjerg and you are on the island of Fanø.

Fanø - with the wide sandy beach, the amazing bird life and the unique culture.

Fanø - with Nordby and Sønderho - the 2 old charming shipping towns with the beautiful old shipmaster homes.





Langli has been inhabited since 1548. Permanent residence was abandoned however as a result of the substantial damage done to dikes and agricultural areas during the storm surges of 1909 and 1911. Today, the island is a bird sanctuary where all hunting and comings and goings are forbidden – except from 16 July to 15 September. From Nyeng near Ho it takes about an hour and a half to walk along the ebb-tide road out to Langli. Before starting out, make sure to check the weather conditions and tides, so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises underway. Another way of reaching the island is by tractor-bus from Ho. Tours are also organised with a nature ranger.



Twice a day the tide cuts off all traffic between the island and the mainland. Mandø has its own daily rhythm, which also affects the 40 residents. To get to the island you can take one of the tractor busses or you can choose to drive in your own car - but remember to check the weather conditions and tides before you go. Mandø is a true paradise for nature lovers, who will enjoy the bird and animal life. There are amble opportunities for hiking and biking trips and accommodation facilities too.